Our Resume(s)

Tom Gustafson and Christopher E. Otwell have owned and operated the MTGCast Network since 2007, seeing it grown into the massive entity is it now.  From the early days of 1 or 2 podcasts published each week with only a few dozens listeners, to the now dozens of podcasts that are published each week each with thousands of listeners, we have watched MTGCast Network grow and blossom like a flower in spring.  As MTGCast continues to grow, we are intent on bringing a number of new features and future capabilites to the Network as time permits.


The following are the published Resume(s) of the Co-Owners of the MTGCast Network.  Yes, we have real lives outside of running this website, and may consider new and exciting opportunities within the locales that we are currently working at if the right opportunity arises.  Afterall, we need to pay the bills just like everyone else too.


Resume of Christopher E. Otwell — Updated 2011 Nov 06


Executive Summary: A talented Computer Systems Engineer and Information Technology expert, with over 18+ years of experience in the Computer Science industry. For the past 20+ years, I have lived and worked in Colorado Springs, Colorado which is often referred to as ‘Silicon Mountain’.  If the right opportunity presented itself, then the other locations that I would consider working and living at would include San Jose California in and/or near Silicon Valley, or near Washington D.C in locations such as Arlington Virginia.