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We are always looking for new, and different Podcasts for the MTGCast network.


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 Our Goal and Rules, Etc.

Our ultimate goal for the MTGCast Network, and at times we have nearly achieved, is to have a different show for every day of the week. If we could, I would triple the number of shows that we publish, but I need a lot of people freely doing submissions to accomplish that. If you would be interested in voicing your thoughts, opinions, and experiences, please read the following rules.


We view ourselves as a Free Talent Finding Service for Magic Podcasters who wish to make a name for themselves.  Come in and join the fun that is Podcasting!


The Rules of Publishing Podcasts (R.O.P.P.) for getting a New Podcast Submitted and Hosted on the MTGCast Network, and the general Terms of Service (T.O.S.) information:

  1. Show Name — Each Show requires a Good Show Name. The Show Name should be both creative and representative of the show’s purpose. Include this information in every Podcast subsmission.
  2.  Show Title – Each episode needs a Good Show Title for it. The Show Title can be anything up to ~32 characters, and will be attached to the end of what I use for the Podcast SuperTitle. Include this information in every Podcast subsmission.
  3.  Show Purpose – Each Show should have a consistent purpose and theme in mind. For example, if you want to create a Tribal focused Podcast, that should be something that is representative in every show. Include this in only the very first Podcast subsmission, as I use it for setting up the page information specific to that show.
  4.  Email Contact — A direct contact email address for posting as a link for people to email questions/responses to you. This email address will be added to the Staffs and Hosts page for everyone else to give you feed back, as well as in the Podcast postings. Also each episode will have a directly attached forumn thread associated to it, allowing the listeners to talk directly back to you. Include this information in every Podcast subsmission. If you have additional contact information, such as Twitter or Facebook, please include this information as well.
  5.  Episode Description – Each episode needs to have a paragraph written up and given to me that I can use for posting.  This paragraph can, and should, be directly inserted into the email that I recieve with the mp3 file in it. Include this information in every Podcast subsmission.
  6.  Episode Format – Each Stereo Audio Podcast Episode needs to be recorded in either 64-bit rate (Stereo), using mp3 format, with a sampling rate of 22.05k. Each Mono Audio Podcast Episode needs to be recorded in 32-bit rate (Mono), using mp3 format, with a sampling rate of 22.05k. Each Video Podcast Episode needs to be recorded in either the MP3 or AVI format in order to be visible on both the website and any iPod devices.  Contact Tom for suggestions on compression sizes.  If I receive an Audio Podcast in a different bit rate, I reserve the right to convert the file to match these specifications.  If you feel that you need a larger bit rate used on your podcast, feel free to contact me with the reasons as to why, and I will consider exemptions as needed.  The sampling rate is a requirement for the website embedded mp3 player. If I convert the file to 32-bit (Mono) or 64-bit (Stereo), that is done solely for the purpose of keeping the overall network volume of bandwidth that we are publishing at, and website storage, in check.  After all, I have a finite limit that I can upload to our FTP server each month until a 30-day archiving process takes place, and I like to keep this in the 70% full rate on any given day.  So, during any given 30-day period, my upload limit is currently at 4.5 GB of data, and space is freed up daily due to the automated archiving process.  Our FTP server is allowed an unlimited number and amount of downloads every day, so this is strickly a hosting concern of MTGCast as to why I reduce the podcasts down to those bit-rate sizes, and not an End-User concern at all.  MTGCast reserves the right to either host all podcasts that are provided through the FTP server even if it an external FTP server source is being provided.  In those cases, MTGCast will decide what to do on a case-by-case basis.  For future reference, these bit-rates will be refered to as the 32-bit rate/64-bit rate schema for the Audio Podcasts.  Additionally, I reserve the right to replace all instances of 32-bit rate previously with 24-bit rate, or 64-bit rate with 48-bit rate as needed for space considerations.
  7.  Audio Editing – Each Podcast is expected to be submitted in it’s final form, as I do not provide audio editing services to anyone. If you need help with finding simple software, I would suggest Audacity:  I can also provide advice on how to fix problems that your experiencing with the audio editing process, if needed.
  8.  Inappropiate Language – The general rule of thumb about cursing and inappropiate language is simple. All Podcasts should be PG-13 quality as the worst case scenario. Please keep inappropriate language to a minimum. While it can be acceptable in small amounts, please don’t push it just for the “humor” or shock factor. This includes things like sexual humor, offensive jokes, excessive cursing, etc. We would like to keep this a family friendly environment.  Racist or Hate speach content won’t be tolerated on the MTGCast Network.  MTGCast also reserves the right to start tagging certain Podcasts that are explicit, as such on both the Website and within iTunes.  MTGCast reserves the right to tag a EXPLICIT iTunes tag to any Podcast that is deemed to have crossed this line on a regular basis.
  9.  Websites – At present, we have no restrictions on you mentioning any other websites in your Podcast, as we are constantly trying to be friendly with all other websites on the Internet. However, something else to consider is that we are always actively seeking out new, and more, sponsors to help fund this Website adventure, and would appreciate the consideration for that as well.
  10.  Cost / Payment – This is a free service that the MTGCast Network is providing to the world, and as such, expect the following simple set of rules on all Podcasts submitted through our service. As a non-profit talenting finding service, we also do not provide payment, compensation, or reimbursement of any kind to the people that submit podcasts for our network, or that have agreed to have their Podcasts rebroadcast on the MTGCast Network.
  11.  Content – MTGCast retains the rights to rebroadcast Podcasts on our network that may or may not be published elsewhere; however, we only do so with the original copyright owners’ approval first.  As shows are approved for hosting on the MTGCast Network site by the owners of the shows, the owner also grants MTGCast and it’s owners the right to utilize the Intellectual Property (IP) of that show.  The owners and creators of that show retain all rights to the IP that the show represents, and can continue to utilize that IP in any means desirable either within or outside of MTGCast.  MTGCast retains the right to use and/or republish any material previously approved for publication and submission to MTGCast and/or stored on the MTGCast website or FTP servers.
  12.  Advertising – We are always looking at both expanding the network, as well as keeping the costs within reason to do so. funds the operation of this website and all server costs associated with it. At present, we have no sponsors and also accept donations in order to keep this Network operational, and are looking to expand the Advertising revenues for the website.
  13. Opinions of the Podcast Hosts – Any opinion expressed by a Contributor, Author, or Podcasting Host is to be considered his/her own personal opinion, not the opinion of the website managers, owners, directors, or editors of MTGCast.  The fact that our images are used in another website or any other media should not be considered as an endorsement of ours for any opinion expressed nor of the images posted here.  The opinions expressed are those of the Contributor, Author, or Podcasting Host may not necessarily reflect those of, nor of the Network.  Any written or spoken opinions, facts or other pieces of information are the sole property of the Podcast on which they are found and in no way representative of MTGCast or any of the other podcast on the MTGCast Network.  NOTE:  This disclaimer is displayed at the bottom of every page on the MTGCast website.
  14. Show Numbering — For simplicity sake, and for my own internal database and file storage system, please submit Shows in a Numerically correct order. For example, try to avoid ‘non continuity’ numbering or sending shows with letters as part of the release number. It can cause me extra work on the backside and/or on the backup storage source, in order to track these non-continously numerically numbered podcasts straight.


If you happen to host your own background FTP server and want to continue to host your own files in order to monitor traffic downloads, you can also choose to just supply the direct download HTTP hyperlink for me to use in (EMail 1) instead of the physical file via (Email 2).  MTGCast reserves the right to host any podcast on its own internal FTP server, and MTGCast may choose to not utilize the background FTP server of the Podcast host, even if one is provided or requested by the host of the Podcast.


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