Making a PodSafe Podcast

QUESTION: How do I find out what music I’m allowed to use on my podcast?


The Formal MTGCast responce — In order to know of what criteria must be met in order to achieve a “PodSafe” podcast, there are a number of different things to consider when creating a Podcast.


I’d suggest reading these two websites for a basic, general understanding of what is and what is not “Podsafe”:


For some locations of where to find “Podsafe” music, check the following websites:


Beyond that, in order to complicate the issue, we have to consider the implications of the term of valid “Fair-Use” to contend with, especially since the MTGCast PodCasts are both Educational, News-Reporting, and Non-Profit based, which is 3 subsets of valid criteria in the United States that allow for Fair-Use of any Copyrighted material. For reference:


But as a general rule, please keep the usage of music limited to short segments of at most ~10 seconds in length, especially if trying to utilize the “Fair-Use” methodology, as for justification during the creation process. However, if you find PodSafe music and/or Creative Commons licensed music, then this is not a concern, as that was already approved by the Author for mass distribution on the internet. For my own PodCasts, I generally utilize the “Fair-Use” and less than 10 second rule. I would encourage everyone else to follow that same example. Basically, use good judgement in your creativity.


At the same time, MTGCast will follow and comply with any complaints or requests that are received from a valid owner’s of copyrighted material, including the direct removal of any offending Podcast.


For additional questions regarding this topic, email me at:



Christopher E. Otwell