Writing Articles

Hello aspiring authors!

As we forge ahead with offering articles on MTGCast, we have a list to help you get started (which will be continually updated) that I please ask that you try and follow.

  1. PLEASE proofread your articles, I don’t have time to proofread all articles that are submitted
  2. Two methods for submitting your article
  3. Aim to keep language in articles PG-13

Option #1) Write them in the MTGCast forums (preferred method!)

  1. Allows for easier use of images in the article
  2. Allows for use of BBCodes to automate card links
  3. To use the article writer’s area, you need to create a free account in the MTGCast forums
  4. Once you have an account, simply head to the Article Submission area and start writing, editing and getting feedback on your article!

Option #2) Write your article in a word processing program and submit via email

  1. Write your article in Microsoft Word or the free open-source OpenOffice Writer or Abiword
    1. Times New Roman font
    2. Font size 12
    3. For deck lists or any major formatting, use the built-in Table function, it transfers over very well
    4. Please hyperlink all links inside the word editor (will appear like blue text in the editor window)
    5. Output file in *.doc format and please include all images used in the article separately
    6. In the email submitting the article to pitimp@mtgcast.com, make sure to include author name and article title

Thank you for your interest in writing articles for MTGCast!

    Please email me with any questions to Tom at pitimp@mtgcast.com