Monday Night Magic #565 – Kool-Aid Man from Hell


We’re missing Cluze this episode, but we’re still going over the remaining news from last week. Even though we covered the first two days of Announcement Week, the rest of it was pretty intense. We’ve also got plenty of Hour of Devastation stuff to talk about, from crazy new cards to sick new Invocation art…

Monday Night Magic #564 – Bans With Other


Announcement Week is upon us! The first two days of it are already pretty insane. We’ll cover all the important stuff (except for the scheduling of the next B&R update, which is after the Pro Tour). The shape of Magic sets going forward is changing, Magic Digital Next is already causing casualties, and DC might…

Monday Night Magic #563 – Only Ten Percent


Standard right now is…weird. Depending on your geographical location it could be the normal bad or it could be a garbage fire. We’re covering the three Standard events this weekend, discussing why you SHOULD NOT want Standard to fail whether you play it or not, and taking a look back at another of Standard’s dark times….

Monday Night Magic #562 – Big Vanilla Tats


There’s a LOT of Modern this weekend. I mean it. And a lot of people played it. Like a lot a lot. We also talked a fair amount about Pro Tour special invitations since people are currently discussing that and may or may not be losing their minds at the same time. Then it’s time…

Monday Night Magic #561 – Damn Near Half


The week after the Pro Tour means lots of Standard. These two GPs each have a Top 8 that eerily mirrors the other. Like…eerily. Hope you like Temur Aetherworks Marvel, because it’s damn near half of everything. Then there’s Team Constructed at the SCG, so there’s a lot to look at there. Then we’ve got some…

Monday Night Magic #560 – Pro Tour: Now With More Zombies!


Pro Tour Amonkhet happened without the input of the Felidar Guardian, so the meta shifted to the undead and the top six cards of the library. Oh, and cars. Over in Magic Online world, the most horrible and ridiculous time in Magic’s history is coming up for us all to relive again. Thank goodness it’s…

Monday Night Magic #559 – Richmond, England (Not Dublin)


We had three Limited events this week! That means there’s really not much to talk about. But hey, MTGO is getting 1v1 Commander. So you know. That’s a thing. Next week is the Pro Tour though! MNM Hosts This Week Chewie Slate from Mana Pool Productions (Youtube, Twitch), @TheManaPool Bill Bloodworth (Squee) from Enchant World, @SqueeGoblnNabob Aaron…

Monday Night Magic #558 – Standard: Now With Less Cats!


Whatever happened to all those cats that used to live here in Standard? Oh, put up for adoption huh? Well maybe it’s for the best… The big BIG news  is Wizards deciding to issue a banning addendum, knocking Felidar Guardian out of Standard. How does this affect Standard going forward? Hell, we don’t know. That’s…