The Spike Feed Episode 188 – The Return to the Norm


It’s a light week in magic, and we come away with a light week in news and discussion. We wax poetic over Amonkhet limited. Cameron forgets what Miracles was during our Legacy metagame discussion, and we finally talk about Commander. No seriously, we talk Commander. Thank you for your honor. 00:00 – Our Weeks 11:05 –…

The Spike Feed Episode 187 – Tales from the Car: Volume 2


Amidst the pitter patter of a spring rain, Cameron and Curtis time travel and record another cast from a Honda Civic. We celebrate Amonkhet Limited (#pouncingcheetah4life), discuss the banning of Felidar Guardian, and talk with the tournament organizer of the Win a Lotus Legacy event in Columbia, MO. Thank you for your honor. 00:00 –…

The Spike Feed Episode 186 – There Can Be Miracles…When You Believe


We waited for the Banned and Restricted List, just in case, and really, wouldn’t you know, there’s not much to talk about…yup. Nothing at all to talk about…Thank you for your honor.   Cameron McCoy – @Cameron_McCoy Curtis Nower – @CurtisNow Our show – @SpikeFeedMTG Music by Micah Jones curtisnowA quick look at the week in MagicMore Posts

The Spike Feed Episode 178 – It’s Like an Old Creed Album


Cameron takes the week off and Curtis is joined by Modern Aficionado Great Nate. We go DEEP on the ins and outs of the format, the impact of the bans, and where the format is headed in the future. Curtis also mixes in some general complaining about MTGO and the incredibly mediocre format of triple…

The Spike Feed Episode 177 – Podcasting in a Car


Look, is the audio quality up to snuff in this cast? No. Did Cameron monitor his levels? No. Hit the record the button? No. Talk directly into the microphone? No. Does it eat at his very soul. Yes, yes it does. There will be repercussions. On the bright side, we got to record the podcast from a…

The Spike Feed Episode 173 – In Preparation for the Return of Xander Cage


We’re back after a week hiatus, and along with it comes a new Standard. We discuss the impact Aether Revolt is having on SCG this week. Cameron goes over his Fatal Push exploits in Legacy and Modern, while Curtis debates what to play in Modern. Thank you for your honor. 00:00 – Our Weeks 11:20…

The Spike Feed – Banned and Restricted Update


In a desperate knee-jerk reaction, just like WoTC banning cards, the guys hop on the cast to go on a 20 minute semi-incoherent tirade/discussion about the updated banned and restricted list. Reflector Mage, we hardly knew ye. Cameron can’t speak. Curtis is full of rage. Thank you for your honor, we guess. Cameron McCoy – @Cameron_McCoy Curtis…

The Spike Feed Episode 172 – Triple Zendikar Espresso


Holy Cow! So many spoilers. So much combo potential. Is Aether Revolt going to break Standard? We go over seven spoiled cards and give out takes on what they mean for Standard, Modern, and Legacy. Cameron starts playing UW Flash in Standard, while Curtis flashes back into a deep time warp of Zendikar. Thank you…