At Your End Step – Episode 172 – Everything is Fine


This week, on a community heavy episode of At Your End Step, the guys rant about the [no] changes to Standard. They also discuss the changes to the GP system in 2018. We also discuss the GPs from this weekend, where some were more interesting than others. Regardless of where Standard is at, we are pumped for Modern Masters 2017, so make sure you get to Comic Town in Columbus for their awesome Modern weekend!

At Your End Step

At Your End Step

At Your End Step is a podcast dedicated to discussing competitive Magic: The Gathering and all news relevant to the MTG Community. At Your End Step is worth a listen if you care about competitive standard, PTQ formats, and general MTG news/information. Hilarity will surely ensue in each episode as the team attempts to wind its way through the life of a grinder.

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