Brewing with Brewskies: Episode 1, Intro to Throne of the Paradox Engine


In our first ever episode, we introduce ourselves and talk about some decks we’ve been playing and some cards we want to build around.

Sean gets so excited about planar bridge in U-tron, that we forget to mention the deck’s main win condition, it’s the mindslaver lock by the way.

Doug tries to put Throne of the God-pharaoh in everything, with varying success.


deck list for U-Tron:     
deck list for U-unblockable:
deck list for R/W aggro:

(deck lists are subject to change and may not be the exact same lists we talk about, just because we sometimes update them for our own use)

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A podcast about brewing decks and drinking beer. Every week Sean and Doug get together to drink some beer and brew some decks. Every week the decks are different, the beers are different, who knows what they'll think of next.

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