BITN: Miller Soundclash Las Vegas Contest Entry


Hey listeners! This week my mix is an entry to the Miller Soundclash Las Vegas competition. I’m interested in winning and getting to play some nightclubs in Las Vegas, so please listen on Mixcloud this week rather than the app/podcast/radio, if you can help it- the plays will help me in the contest. Also, if you would like to share the mix around and RT or share it- it would mean more to me than usual this week. Also, it’s pretty slammin’, so hey! Shouldn’t be too hard :)


Spruke is a Buffalo DJ and producer whose weekly Bump In The Night cast reaches has run uninterrupted since December 2012. It’s a high-energy mix of electro, progressive, deep, funky, and big room, and it’s available across a half a dozen sites including an iOS app, iTunes, MTGCast, multiple radio stations in syndication, and Mixcloud. Follow spruke at @Spruke on every service.


Kill The Buzz- “Party Hard”

Kurd Maverick- “Tubaclaposis”

Vicetone, Chloe Angelides- “White Lies”

Botnek, Go Comet!- “Tremors”

Nom De Strip, Kylie Minogue- “Skirt”

AudioBotz, Burgs- “Robotic Bass”

Benga- “Future Funk”

Colony- “Get Weird”

Major Lazer, Elliphant, Jovi Rockwell- “Too Original”

Matisse & Sadko- “Lock N Load”

Mell Tierra, RBBP- “Headsprung”

Joshua Cherney- “The Dirty 530″

Rick Mitchells- “Tactical Nuke”

Nitro Fun- “Ramuh”

Fox Stevenson- “Sweets (Soda Pop)”

Mord Fustang- “Skyward World”


Bump In The Night

Bump In The Night

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