This week, I make a mix entirely out of tracks called “_______ Bass” and “______ Boy”. It gets kinda ridiculous, honestly, as every single drop is just TURN UP THE BASS BOY YARRRR

Bomb The Bass, Houserocka Remix, Bomb The Bass
Bass For Life, Ferry, Y.U.P.
Robotic Bass, Burgs Remix, Audiobotz
Bass Fat, Treyy G, Vaccid
Girls & Boys, Inpetto
Turn Up The Bass, Lucky Charmes, Andy Callister
Love To The Minimal Bass, Daniel Portman
Bad Boy, Sirius Hood
Turn On The Bass, Weela
Move Your Waistline To The Bassline, Mooij
Boys It Make It Better, Baymont Bross
Peytons Bassface, Beta, Karl Sav
I Like The Bass, Girl Audio
Dear Boy, Avicii

Bump In The Night

Bump In The Night

An hour of fresh Electro House every Monday from Buffalonian DJ Spruke, with voiceovers and commentary! Features include the Bump Of The Week, shout-outs, commenting on tracks, and special exclusive Spruke preview tracks.

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