Bump In The Night: The 4th To Last One


Here comes this week’s episode, plus some important news: I will be discontinuing the podcast in the form that it has currently existed thus far. BY NO MEANS is this the end of my DJing in any form or even the end of me posting mixes. I simply have found the podcast, in the sense of “An hourlong Downloadable Mp3 That Is Hosted At MTGCast And Served Via Itunes And MTGCast To Magic Players”, to no longer match what I am doing very well.

I will still be doing my show every week, every Friday, LIVE at twitch.tv/spruke.

I will still be posting the live rips of them, every week, at Mixcloud.com/spruke.

I will still be posting the live video of my show every week to YouTube.com/spruke.

I will still be servicing my Patrons hardcore at patreon.com/spruke.

There will be three more episodes of Bump In The Night posted in its traditional, hour-long-at-MTGCast-and-iTunes form. Let me know if you have any questions.

Bump In The Night

Bump In The Night

An hour of fresh Electro House every Monday from Buffalonian DJ Spruke, with voiceovers and commentary! Features include the Bump Of The Week, shout-outs, commenting on tracks, and special exclusive Spruke preview tracks.

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