Back from a month’s vacation and ready to begin lighting it up again! Announcing the launch of the new website, listentobump.com - your one-stop shop for Bump In The Night. Go to listentobump.com and you’re instantly… well, I’ll let you figure it out from there! But it’s a great way to introduce people who might not be into learning how to subscribe to podcasts or use iTunes or anything like that. Just go and you’re listening!

This week is definitely something new and interesting- it opens not with EDM but with a contemporary postmodern composition by Nils Frahm, “Says”. The set closes with “We Are The Ones (Shinicha Osawa Remix)” by Herr Styler. The Bump Of The Week for episode 68 is F.O.O.L. with “Throne”!

Bump In The Night

Bump In The Night

An hour of fresh Electro House every Monday from Buffalonian DJ Spruke, with voiceovers and commentary! Features include the Bump Of The Week, shout-outs, commenting on tracks, and special exclusive Spruke preview tracks.

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