The Last Bump In The Night Podcast: The Ultimate Lightning Round: 64 in 60


Here we are, after 4 and a half years, at the end of my run of Bump In The Night episodes hosted on MTGCast and distributed through iTunes.

Let me emphasize again- I am not going anywhere. Still mixes every Friday night on, still posting mixes to, still uploading videos every week to Seriously. Follow me on those three platforms if you want to hear all the great mixing I will be doing in the future! This is simply the end of the MTGCast and iTunes products.

I am sending the podcast off with a bang: THE ULTIMATE LIGHTNING ROUND. 64 tracks in 60 minutes. It’s so fast it’s almost hard to keep track.

Thank you everybody. It’s been great. MTGCast has been excellent to me. You’ve been excellent to me. <3 you, MTG community, and btw, keep your eyes on me and Chapin… :)

Bump In The Night

Bump In The Night

An hour of fresh Electro House every Monday from Buffalonian DJ Spruke, with voiceovers and commentary! Features include the Bump Of The Week, shout-outs, commenting on tracks, and special exclusive Spruke preview tracks.

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