Bump In The Night: 2017-01-27


Another great mix. Explicit warning on this one, there’s a section in the second half of the set where I went hog wild on tracks called F*** The Beat, Dirty F***in Beats, F*** The Management, etc. Not sure what brought on all those feels, must be the world news has me riled up lately :)

If you live in the Buffalo Niagara region, come see me at the Seneca Niagara Casino on Thursdays. I’ll be spinning the same great stuff I always do, and streaming it too (assuming better luck with technical issues this time around).

As always, thanks to my wonderful Patrons at patreon.com/spruke who make this show hella possible.

Bump In The Night

Bump In The Night

An hour of fresh Electro House every Monday from Buffalonian DJ Spruke, with voiceovers and commentary! Features include the Bump Of The Week, shout-outs, commenting on tracks, and special exclusive Spruke preview tracks.

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