Cardhoarder Podcast – 55 – MTGO Era Begins

Magic Online has a greater effect on the Pro Tour metagame with the new release schedule that was introduced for Amonkhet.  We discuss the pros and cons of this new era of Magic.  Gerry Thompson won PTAKH with Mono-Black Zombies.  PV released a vlog going over his testing process for the Pro Tour.  How valid are his concerns?  We also share our biggest punts!

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Why I Suck at Pro Tours – Gerry Thompson SCG article

The Pro Tour is Changing – Mike Sigrist CFB article

Music provided by Terrible Spaceship
Your Hosts: Conor O’Donnell, Nathaniel Buckley-Wright, and David Murphy

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Weekly show devoted to Magic Online news and community. The show features a Magic Online dealer, a grinder, and a former MTG coverage director.

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