Cardhoarder Podcast – ep51 – RPTQ & Nationals Updates

This week on the Cardhoarder Podcast Nathaniel is back just in time for Wizards releasing numerous Organized Play announcements.  Dave rants about the changes to RPTQs and the PPTQ system in general.  Is the system broken and can it be fixed?  The Magic World Championship was moved closer to release week while Pro Tour Ixalan is pushed back a month.  Other topics include Nationals update, Throwback Standard Gauntlet reactions, and our favorite/least favorite cards spoiled from Amonkhet.

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Organized Play announcement

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Your Hosts: Conor O’Donnell, Nathaniel Buckley-Wright, and David Murphy

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Weekly show devoted to Magic Online news and community. The show features a Magic Online dealer, a grinder, and a former MTG coverage director.

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