Direct Damage 22 Cougar


This week the band is back together after the long lonely holiday break, so of course we go off the rails from the get go. No topic is off limits on this episode as we talk vacations, gifts, and someone wants to open 2017 packs in 2017. We do Finally get around to talking magic and Aether Revolt is everywhere. From spoilers to insane combos we talk about it all and what a mess we see standard heading into. Come sit by our fire as we go where every other cast has and will go before.

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Direct Damage Cast

Direct Damage Cast

Direct Damage Cast is a bi-weekly podcast about a wide variety of MTG topics and about incorporating more magic into your everyday life. We also talk about life in general and not so general. The Direct Damage cast logo was done by Stephen Raffael @SteveRaffle

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