Horde of Notions #24 – Dorks


The usual suspects are joined by casual Magic aficionado Chewie, host of The Mana Pool and Monday Night Magic, to discuss deckbuilding for the casual game. Of course that’s not all this episode has to offer as we also touch on Old Man Bag, Grixis Control and more!

00:00:00     Host Introductions

00:02:37     What We’ve Been Playing: Jack talks about his possible decks for SCG Charlotte, Chris discusses Modern Hate Bears and Adena’s been playing pack wars!

00:23:08     Net Deck Roundup: Budget UW Humans http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?t=368511
— GB Birthing Pod http://manadeprived.com/2011/11/rumors-of-birthing-pods-death.html

00:33:39     Spotlight: Grixis Control, with the Innovator, Patrick Chapin

00:47:14     Casual Deckbuilding: How does building for casual differ?
— What is your mindset when you build a casual deck?
— What are some all-star cards that don’t see competitive play?
— Is casual more or less important to the future of MtG than competitive?

01:38:08     Random Moments of Geekery
http://www.gog.com/ – Great old games!
http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/plush/e71c/ – Cute overload!

01:49:44     Shout-Outs
01:58:40     Final Thoughts
02:01:59     BONUS: Interview with Conley “BonerJams” Woods, from Worlds 2011!

Intro track: Killer Instinct theme by Nintendo
Outro track: Do No Wrong, by Azrael UK ( http://www.myspace.com/azraeluk )

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