Horde of Notions #29 – Cling Wrap, Rubber Bands and the Pro Tour


We’re back! Episode 29 turns our focus to our core audience: the FNM grinder. What decks from Pro Tour: Dark Ascension can you expect to see at FNM in the coming weeks? How can they be adapted? How can you brew a deck to beat them? Chris, Adena, Jack and Will make this their main topic before discussing some other deck ideas and flying off on numerous tangents. Among other things, find out how you get initiated into Jack’s playgroup and also what happens if you text Chris.

00:01:37     Format Changes
00:02:07     Main Topic: “How to beat the douchebags that copy the Pro Tour decks and bring them to FNM thinking they’re going to win because ‘OhMyGod Brian Kibler played it therefore I have to win.'”
00:03:10     Wolf Run decks (Kibler/PVDDR/CFB-style)
00:23:30     Lingering Souls decks (Esper Delver, BW Tokens, etc)
00:46:59     Unsung Heroes: Which decks aren’t seeing enough play?
00:59:49     Random Moments of Geekery
01:07:30     Shout Outs

Pro Tour Dark Ascension Top 25 decklists: http://tinyurl.com/75dqa2t

House of Anubis: http://www.nick.com/shows/house-of-anubis/

Street Fighter Soundboard: http://soundfxcenter.com/sound-effects/street-fighter/0

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