Horde of Notions #38 – Andrew Jackson or Two Chickens?


It’s that time again! The new event deck lists have been revealed and Chris, Will and Jack take an in-depth look at the decks and how they could be improved. We also look back at Prerelease weekend for Avacyn Restored and share our early thoughts on the triple AVR draft format. It’s a lot of goodness packed into a small space!

Event deck announcement:

Wonder Woman “sex tape”: http://tinyurl.com/c8q5hnb

Prizes not announced on the show:
Courtesy of Amanda Stevens (@sagenosis), a playset of Game Day Promo Strangleroot Geists – Jesse Ursulak
Judge foil Doubling Season – Franky Richard
Judge foil Goblin Welder – Mark Butt
Courtesy of Jay Boosh, a large selection of foil basic lands – Nicholas Halaberda
Courtesy of Justin Richardson, a playset of altered Squadron Hawks – Conor O’Donnell
Courtesy of Christine Sprankle aka Elspeth, a signed Elspeth Tirel – Arturo Pineda
Courtesy of Limited Gaming, a pair of Planechase Zombie Empire Decks – Richard McCann and Ken Green
Courtesy of Jack LaCroix, a sweet playmat! – AJ Ozanich
Courtesy of Hairy Tarantula in Toronto, a sealed Premium Deck Series: Graveborn! – Abe Chung
Courtesy of Derfington, an altered card to be determined! – Paul Cammarata
Courtesy of Ertai’s Lament, an Innistrad Intro Pack and a draft set of Dark Ascension! – Adam Ford

Winners should contact me so I can facilitate prize delivery.


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