Horde of Notions #39 – Gloom Surgeon General’s Warning


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When casual Magic aficionado Chewie (The Mana Pool, Monday Night Magic) made top 8 of a PTQ with Smitty’s Kamikaze deck, he seemed like the obvious choice for a guest host! Chewie joins Chris, Jack, Adena and Will to talk about his deck and some of the other decks that made a splash this weekend, the links to which are below.

It’s been a while since the last epic HoN argument, and this show brings not one but TWO as Chris, Will and Adena argue over Cavern of Souls and Gloom Surgeon. To his credit Jack never once threatened to turn this car around…

GP Minneapolis Day 1 undefeated lists:

SCG Orlando UW Blink:

SCG Orlando RW Humans:

Brad Nelson and Christian Calcano’s top 8 lists from GP Minneapolis:


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