Horde of Notions #50 – Options are Awesome


Hard to believe it, but Horde of Notions has reached episode 50! Half a century in and we’re nowhere near done. Joining Chris, Adena, Will and Travis for this episode is Sam Black, one of the world’s best deckbuilders and PT Philadelphia semifinalist. Also making a special appearance is the one and only Jack LaCroix! We ask Sam about his deckbuilding and playtesting methods, what mistakes he sees people make and what he thinks makes a draft format great. Plus some starting points for brewing with Disciple of Bolas! Send us YOUR deck ideas and we’ll read the best ones on the show!


Sam’s UB Tapout Control (SCG Premium required)


Moment of Geekery

The insane ping pong ball auction


The He-Man-ity


Awesome t-shirts


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