Horde of Notions #51 – Return of the Stone Stick


He’s baaaaaaaack! Writer, podcaster, commentator, community stalwart and now self-help guru Michael J Flores joins us for a second time, and if it’s even possible this outing might be even better than his legendary appearance on the still-popular episode 11.


Topics discussed with The Sensei include:

Magic coverage
Story Time with Mike
And of course Return to Ravnica spoilers.


For the spoilers the hosts each picked four cards to discuss with Mike:

Travis:  Fencing Ace, Deathrite Shaman, Jace Architect of Thought, Armada Wurm
Adena:  Corpsejack Menace, Rest in Peace, Necropolis Regent, Guttersnipe
Lansdurdle: Vraska the Unseen, Desecration Demon, Pack Rat, Cyclonic Rift
William : Abrupt Decay, Nivmagus Elemental, Slitherhead, Azor’s Elocutors


Moment of Geekery –
Adena:  http://www.tshirtroundup.com/
Travis: http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/


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