Horde of Notions #57 – How to Beat Thragtusk? Just Vraska for Advice!



Chris and Will do another two-man show, this time brewing a GB deck around Vraska the Unseen that ignores all the stalling and lifegain in the current format. Will also tricks Chris into brewing a deck with Parallel Lives, and they have a discussion about Disney buying everything.


Will also launches the Award for EIL – Excellence in Lansdurdling. Entries can be posted on facebook.com/hordeofnotions, tweeted to @hordecast or emailed to hosts@hordeofnotions.com . Full details in the show.


Tesla Coil fight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FpjcOWwiI4&feature=player_embedded
Disney buying Hasbro? http://t.co/wnvwFatV


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