Horde of Notions #68 – Fantasy Pro Tour Extravaganza



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It’s Pro Tour time, and the gang is all back together to play Fantasy Pro Tour! Chris, Adena, Will and Travis go through the poplular Fantasy Pro Tour Facebook app and explain their picks across the categories. The gang also talk about what they think will be big at the event, and who they hope to see do well.


Picks by category!


Travis – Liliana of the Veil
Adena – Jace Architect of Thought
Will – Garruk Primal Hunter
Chris – Garruk Relentless


Will – Thragtusk
Adena – Thragtusk
Travis – Thragtusk
Chris – Thundermaw Hellkite


Chris – Boros Reckoner
Adena – Boros Reckoner
Travis – Rhox Faithmender
Will – Hellrider


Adena – Gravecrawler
Will – Burning-Tree Emissary
Chris – Ash Zealot
Travis – Avacyn’s Pilgrim


Travis – Aurelia’s Fury
Will – Searing Spear
Adena – Searing Spear
Chris – Boros Charm


Adena – Pillar of Flame
Chris – Mutilate
Travis – Bonfire of the Damned
Will – Pillar of Flame


Will – Rancor
Adena – Rancor
Travis – Blind Obedience
Chris – Blind Obedience


Travis – Trading Post
Will – Runechanter’s Pike
Adena – Chromatic Lantern
Chris – Gruul Keyrune


Chris – Sacred Foundry
Travis – Sacred Foundry
Adena – Cavern of Souls
Will – Stomping Ground


Adena – Blind Obedience
Travis – Boros Charm
Chris – Boros Reckoner
Will – Stomping Ground



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