Horde of Notions #74 – The Duke of Jund



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With Will lost in April blizzards, the cast is joined by Reid Duke, fresh off the MTGO Championship, to talk MTGO Championship, computer vs table top gaming and everything you want to know about Jund! Also included in this show: Chris wins FNM, Adena spectates FNM and Travis shares his Notions on Junk Midrange. (Ryo1’s deck: https://www.wizards.com/Magic/Digital/MagicOnlineTourn.aspx?x=mtg/digital/magiconline/tourn/5230647)

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Chris’s Moment of Geekery: Star Wars Movie Poster Update –  http://kotaku.com/a-brilliant-poster-for-the-new-star-wars-movie-starrin-459687188



Adena’s Moment of Geekery: GAME OF THRONES!!!


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