If Lands Could Kill – Episode 100: Good Length


They finally did it! Episode 100! This episode the boys reflect on how much they have changed in the past 100 episodes, they give a back story to their personal ties, they talk about their favorite moments over the past three years and look back at their 2016 predictions and look forward at 2017. They even bring back long time friend and former host, Ryke. Stick around until the end, that is if you can make it that far, to hear what a couple listeners had to say to the cast.

  • Knifecity Alchemist
  • Samhain Crow
  • Hot Sauce


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  • @iflandscouldkil

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If Lands Could Kill

If Lands Could Kill

This podcast is for novices by novices. If you are relatively new to Magic then we hope you can relate and learn with us as we progress in our knowledge and view of the game. If you are a seasoned player, enjoy our funny banter and hilarious mistakes. And yes, we know lands CAN kill. But "If Basic Lands Could Kill" just sounds lame.

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