Kitchen Table Magic – 20 – Crackstyle with Sid Blair


This is episode 20, and I’m talking to Sid Blair. Sid got an 18 month DCI suspension for hard stylin it with butt cracks at GP Richmond and then posting the photos on Reddit.

Of course, it went viral and even Time magazine picked it up.

Sid Blair Crackstyle

Sid Blair Crackstyle

Sid shares with us how life has been and what he’s up to now.

I hope you enjoy my hilarious conversation with Sid Blair.

– Sam


Sid Blair, aka Strong Brother @OB1FBM

GP Richmond Crackstyle on imgur

Sid’s music: Fresh Breeze Movement article on Sid Blair’s Crackstyle

Daily Dot article

Know Your Meme GP Richmond Crackstyle

Other musical credits:

Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home

Rhianna – Same Old Mistakes (Tame Impala cover)

Lil Wayne (Feat. Gucci Mane) – We B Steady Mobbin

Outro: Rhianna – Same Old Mistakes (Tame Impala cover)




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