Limited Resources #147 – Players Championship and M13 Check In


This week on Limited Resources Jon and Marshall talk some Players Championship and check in with the current state of M13. We also do an important visit to some feedback we got from our Magic Bankroll episode.

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Jon Loucks
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  • Iamwinterborn

    I have a similar story about pacifism – I had a duty bound dead out as my only creature when it got pacified, I missed a land drop and kind of had a bad hand on turn 3/4 so I just equipped the black ring to it. Started putting counters on it, every turn. Eventually I got another black creature out and shifted the ring to it, but by then the duty bound dead was a 5/7.

    And then, when I was at 5 life, looking at a lethal swing from my opponent… I drew Disciple of Bolas. Gain 5 life (taking me out of a one turn lethal swing from him), draw 5, get another blocker. Yeeeeeaaah. There’s basically no reason not to grow your creatures.

  • nathones

    I think you really need to draft the original Ravnica back before the rule changes. A lot of cards were based around combat damage on the stack, etc.