Limited Resources #167 – Gatecrash Set Review: Commons & Uncommons



This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Jon dive deep into the world of Gatecrash! They carefully review every common and uncommon from the set in order to best prepare you for the Prerelease and subsequent tournaments.


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Jon Loucks
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  • Jes Golbez

    5 Hours?! How the hell am I supposed to get any work done?

  • Raid

    Great job, guys!

  • Adrian St. John

    From the FAQ re: Bane Alley Broker:
    Due to a recent rules change, once you are allowed to look at a face-down card in exile, you are allowed to look at that card as long as it’s exiled. If you no longer control Bane Alley Broker when its last ability resolves, you can continue to look at the relevant cards in exile to choose one to return.

    Bane Alley Broker’s second and third abilities apply to cards exiled with that specific Bane Alley Broker, not any other creature named Bane Alley Broker. You should keep cards exiled by different Bane Alley Brokers separate.

    If Bane Alley Broker leaves the battlefield, the cards exiled with it will be exiled indefinitely. If it later returns to the battlefield, it will be a new object with no connection to the cards exiled with it in its previous existence. You won’t be able to use the “new” Bane Alley Broker to return cards exiled with the “old” one.

    Even if not all players can look at the exiled cards, each card’s owner is still known. It is advisable to keep cards owned by different players in distinct piles in case another player gains control of Bane Alley Broker and exiles one or more cards with it.

  • Rekcus

    Did you consider putting Skyblinder Staff on your flyer? That’s what I plan on doing in my Simic decks.

  • Robert Burrows

    I feel so bad for poor Dimir. Of course, it’s possible Dimir is just insane and none of us realize it. Either way, I could see some of the more high-impact Dimir cards making their way into BUG or Esper Decks in Limited.

  • pallie

    Thanks for getting it out before the prerelease Marshall, Jon and Chewie <3 <3 <3

  • Aidan Young

    Guys, love the review! Gotta admit, I was just as skeptical as you about the Dimir guild. In fact, I was super bummed when I got to the pre-release late and could only choose Dimir. Then I finished 4th out of 30 people. Cipher was INSANE. I think the thing that we missed was how good a job they did of creating evasive creatures, between Rogues and fliers. There literally was never a problem for me in triggering every cipher twice the turn I played it. Even the discard spell, which seemed lame on the surface and I played just because I needed playables, ended up being really good against any other mid-range deck, especially Orzhov/Esper which I got paired against three different times today