Monday Night Magic #308 – Helvaultic Fallout


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MNM Host(s) This Week
Chewie Slate from Monday Night Magic & The Mana Pool, @TheManaPool
Jack LaCroix from Monday Night Magic, Horde of Notions, & Jinxed Idols, @JackLaCroix
Bryan Prillaman from Judgecast and L2 from Florida
Marcel White from Brainstorm Brewery, @MarcelMTG
Dr. Jeebus from Jinxed Idols, @Dr_Jeebus


This Week in Magic and other MTGCast News
This week we dive into the Avacyn Restored Prerelease and discuss the cards, the mechanics, and the set and format in general. From there we argued about the Helvault and how it was or wasn’t good.  We ranted about the premium Helvaults and why people are so upset about them.  Then we offered up some suggestions for how Wizards could have potentially done it differently.  Everything else is listed below:

How the Helvault promotion worked (released after we recorded)
Jeebus’ letter to Helene Bergeot and Mark Rosewater
Avacyn Restored Intro Pack decklists
MTGO set release and Pro Tour scheduling changed (yes, Cube)
The Magic Players Championship Information (Cube and Modern, no Standard to be found)
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Chewie, Jack, Chris, Adena, Eric, Conley, Marcel, Chris, Robert, & Tom – The Monday Night Magic News Team!

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