Monday Night Magic #339 – Blame Conley



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MNM Host(s) This Week
Chewie Slate from Monday Night Magic & The Mana Pool, @TheManaPool
Jack LaCroix from Monday Night Magic & Jinxed Idols, @JackLaCroix
Chris Lansdell from Horde of Notions & Judgecast North, @lansdellicious
Conley Woods, Magic Pro, writer for ChannelFireball, TCG Player, DailyMTG (and he streams on TwitchTV), @Conley81


This Week in Magic and other MTGCast News
– Conley gives us the low-down on his GP San Antonio deck
GP Lisbon results
TCGPlayer 50k in Indianapolis
SCG Baltimore
Fully Powered Holiday Cube coming to MTGO
Sam Stoddard hired as a full-time Magic designer
Tom LaPille’s article about mechanics
Remaining 2013 GP schedule to be posted this month
Summary for the next IDW MTG comic series
Ertai’s Lament “Gifts That Keep On Giving” contest – GO ENTER!
– CONTEST! Chris Otwell wants you to send him a competitive Modern-legal Battle of Wits deck! His favorites will get RTR draft sets!  Send entries to Ends Dec 18th, so hurry up!


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Chewie, Jack, Chris, & Wil Blanks – The Monday Night Magic News Team!

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