Monday Night Magic #369 – Vegas Behind the Scenes



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MNM Hosts This Week
Chewie Slate from The Mana Pool, Content Editor for Cardshark, Content Manager here on MTGCast, @TheManaPool
Jack LaCroix from Jinxed Idols & writer for, @JackLaCroix
Aaron Lacluyze (Cluze, Dr. Science) from Card Advantage, L2 Judge at Atomic Empire, @lacluyze
Jeremey Schofield from The Upkeep, @J_Schofield
Sean Catanese, Regional Coordinator for the US-Southwest, L3 Judge, one of the creators of JudgeCast, @SeanCatanese



This Week in Magic and other MTGCast News
– Sean tells us all about the setup and work that went into making GP Vegas happen! There was a lot, and it’s pretty amazing to hear.
Banned/Restricted list update, sort of
SCG Worcester results
GP Kansas City results
All of M14 is up!


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