Monday Night Magic #441 – Six Real Tourneys & One Massive Flop


This week we’ve got yet another WotC website overhaul, two Grand Prix, a 4-in-1 SCG event, a horrible mess of a tournament, and a floor rules change caused by Magic players being unable to follow simple instructions. All in all, it’s a pretty good episode.

MNM Hosts This Week
Chewie Slate from The Mana Pool, Content Editor for Cardshark, @TheManaPool
Aaron Lacluyze (Cluze, Dr. Science) from Card Advantage, L2 Judge at Atomic Empire, @lacluyze
Bill Bloodworth from Squee Drafts & the occasional Mana Pool guest spot, @SqueeGoblnNabob

This Week in Magic and other MTGCast News
Magic Website changed…again
GPs get new free stuff
GP Milan coverage
The public transport strike in Milan
GP Baltimore coverage
SCG Invitational & Open in Seattle
Cardmageddon – giant flop or not?
Morph reveal tournament rule changed because Magic players are bad at this game
Wal-Mart might be repacking Commander 2013 decks, how about that?

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General MTGO Announcements

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Chewie, Cluze, Jack, Squee, & Wil Blanks – The Monday Night Magic News Team!

And thanks as always to Wil Blanks (@HairlessThoctar), who works behind the scenes to make sure we always have plenty of stuff to talk about each week!