Monday Night Magic #538 – Squadron Hulk & Thopter Pie


The World Magic Cup happened, and we had no idea how to talk about Team Unified Modern. So we grabbed our favorite Canadian Modern player to help us out! Jeremey Schofield is back on MNM to explain some of the finer points of Modern and generally make fun of us. It’s pretty great.

MNM Hosts This Week
Chewie Slate from Mana Pool Productions & TheManaPool on Youtube, @TheManaPool
Bill Bloodworth (Squee) from Enchant World, @SqueeGoblnNabob
Aaron Lacluyze (Cluze, Dr. Science) from Random Discard, L2 Judge, @lacluyze
Jeremey Schofield from The Eh Team, @j_schofield


This Week in Magic
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Thopter Pie Network
Imperial Seal Judge Promo
Frontier Format, now in English!

MTGO Announcements
Treasure Chests get new cards (with new art!)
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Intro/Outro music: Justice League Unlimited Theme by Michael McCuistion

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Chewie, Cluze, Squee, & Wil Blanks – The Monday Night Magic News Team!

And thanks as always to Wil Blanks (@HairlessThoctar), who works behind the scenes to make sure we always have plenty of stuff to talk about each week!

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