Monday Night Magic #540 – Tibalt’s Sweet New Ride


Between coverage of FIVE Standard tournaments, all the new decks, GP Last Dinosaur, 17 planeswalkers in a deck, the new bad planeswalkers, and Tibalt’s Sweet New Ride, this episode is crazy!

MNM Hosts This Week
Chewie Slate from Mana Pool Productions (Youtube, Twitch), @TheManaPool
Bill Bloodworth (Squee) from Enchant World, @SqueeGoblnNabob
Aaron Lacluyze (Cluze, Dr. Science) from Random Discard, L2 Judge, @lacluyze


This Week in Magic
GP Denver coverage
GP Madrid coverage
SCG Invitational / Atlanta coverage
Four Color Planeswalkers Modern Deck Tech
Upcoming FNM Promos
Aether Revolt Product Card Gallery
Aether Revolt previews, Planeswalker Deck ‘walkers, packaging, etc
– Chewie’s streaming video games on Twitch at – come check him out!

MTGO Announcements
MTGO Event Updates
Bug Blog Update Dec 1
Common Bond & Mana Bloom not appearing in RTR for Year of Modern
MTGO Event Calendar
Year of Modern Flashback drafts


Intro/Outro music: Justice League Unlimited Theme by Michael McCuistion

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Chewie, Cluze, Squee, & Wil Blanks – The Monday Night Magic News Team!

And thanks as always to Wil Blanks (@HairlessThoctar), who works behind the scenes to make sure we always have plenty of stuff to talk about each week!

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