Not Another Magic Podcast – 006 – The Man(a) Advantage


This week we have TWO special guests! It’s a good thing too since Jack couldn’t make it, and doesn’t care about our main topic: FancyStats! KYT of and The Eh Team podcast joins us along with Garik, writer for to talk advanced Hockey statistics. If you’re into hockey, this is the episode for you. If people like it we’ll probably do another one later in the season. We do touch on GP New Jersey at the beginning, but KYT was too sick to make it and Jeff was only there to meet people.


Garik’s  blog


Next week with Thanksgiving we won’t have time to edit so we’ll be doing a special “Uncut” episode. Everything from when the call starts to when the call ends will go up. I’ll run some basic processes to clean up the audio and condense it to one channel, but that’s it.


We are going to do more episodes like one this where we take on a big non-Magic topic for the bulk of the show and have people from outside the Magic community as guests. Let us know if there’s a topic and/or guest you’d particularly like to hear from. We can’t please everyone all the time, but given enough episodes we’re sure to cover something close to your heart.


Big thanks as always to Professor Elemental (@Prof_Elemental) for graciously granting us permission to use his lovely music for our intro/outro/transitions. Go check out his music!


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