Pitt Imps Podcast #29 – Worlds and Bad Audio



So there was Worlds this week and the World Magic Cup. This is the week we wait for. It was so big that I had to bring a guest on to help us go over it. We had Local Pro Harry Corvese on and he gave us some insight into this tournament process and the meta. He answered our idiotic questions about him self. Big thanks to Harry for coming on.


We also kinda had a lot of audio problems recording this episode. I think I did everything I could with it and it pretty much fine now. I just wanted you to know all the work I did editing this. Consider horn tooted. In all honesty sorry if the quality is bad at times. It’s not everywhere just a couple points here and there.

Special Guest @hcorvese


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Pitt Imps Podcast

Pitt Imps Podcast

Pitt Imps Podcast is weekly tournament review show with an emphasis on the competitive player.

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