Public Enemies #2 – Blind Rage!


—iTunes Explicit—

Note from last show: TheGoatnapper on twitter said the reason Survival was banned was because it was broken after mystical tutor was banned and vengevine was printed.

Possible topics to discuss:

Smi77y’s birthday!

Blind guys / players with disabilities

Commander (to douche or not to douche)?

Will M12 suck ? (Titans reprinted for example)

How bad will Jace take a price hit in October?

Modern format: Thoughts/ideas and reasons why it is good or bad for the game?

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Your Host(s): Tangent, Dr Jeebus, and Jay Boosh
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NOTE: This Podcast may contain explicit and adult only language in it.

  • Butters from South Park

    “Blind people have amazing dexterity”


    You guys all rule. This cast is awesome.

  • YojimboJones

    I give you props on the sheer number of explitives.

  • captshetz

    Am I the only one who actually enjoys Commander on MTGO? I play it all the time and rarely run into a douchebag play.

    • Ubersuck

      I play commander mtgo alot, but i run into douchenozzles all the time. Ubersuck is my name on mtgo so send me a pm and we’ll play. Ib halfheart FTW!

  • Anon

    Tangent you’re actually an idiot. I’ve actually wasted so much of my life listening to this and the last podcast. Boosh you’re not exactly the best magic player but you’re fine. And geebus you’re fine. Tangent you’re just booshs faggot barn. You’re fuckin terrible….

    Not a fan of the cast.. I love crazy talk and the eh team and various other casts but this cast is just a bunch of bumbling idiots that have no idea what there talking about.

    Boosh = bad but fine.
    Tangent = fucking retard.
    Geebus = fine.


  • Tangent

    Anon or Legion or whoever you are… whenever you want to back up your ridiculous smack talk feel free to step out from behind your keyboard and your cute nicknames. Until then… stop listening and go attempt to troll someone else loser.

  • Dr. Jeebus

    Yeah, you leave the anonymous trolling to me, asshole! Oh wait, he didn’t say anything bad about me? Well nevermind then.

  • Brian Ziemba

    Yup that was me. You have no idea who the fuck I am but I do like to think I know a thing or two about magic. Everything you say it’s absolute garbage. I’m about to listen to the next cast and I’ll get bak to ya.
    Tangent you’re still fuckin terrible.
    Boosh you’re a bro.
    And jeebus you’re fine.

  • Tangent

    Good for you dude. You have no idea who I am either and pointless trolling is ridiculous. As I said if you don’t like it stop listening. There is no point in people just being dicks about a free podcast… and you may think you know a lot about magic, but I KNOW I do. And I also know my weaknesses and that there is always more to learn. If you have something constructive to say then say it already otherwise stop being a douche.