Public Enemies #5 – Girl Scouts Versus Keebler Elves


—iTunes Explicit—

The quesions for Public Enemies were asked by you the listners. If you are unhappy with the questions and therefore the answers then please come up with better questions!

Special thanks to Jack Bowen of Dredging For Humor podcast for creating our sick new intro!

If they were to do a movie about you guys who would play each of you and why?

Do you guys wanna talk about prerelease plans? If you’re going, what you hope to get, etc?

Rules lawyering at FMN & using shop house rules(“gentlemans” mulligan, etc) w/o telling new players. Prizing out to top 2?

Marketing: Flavor versus mechanics/playability?

What decks are we playing if any? are we playing anything competitive?

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