Snow-Covered Lands – Episode 5 Invasion


Hello Internet and welcome to Episode 5 of the Snow-Covered Lands Podcast!

This week the Eric and Nick are going way back in time (17 years to be exact) to a set that is dripping with nostalgia for Nick: Invasion! This was a really cool set and important for the history of Magic because of how heavily it emphasised multi-coloured cards. From a cycle of 3-colour Legendary dragons, to the first time we see the Domain mechanic, colour is everything in Invasion.

Corrections: Eric made the mistake of saying that Wastes help out with the Domain mechanic, which it does not. Wastes are a basic land, but do not have a basic land type, and therefore don’t help Domain.

You can find Eric’s Invasion themed deck here, and Nick’s deck here.

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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, brave the snow friends!



Our goal here at the Snow-Covered Lands podcast is to take a look back, a retrospective, at older Magic the Gathering sets through a commander lense. We'll talk mechanics, legendaries, some of our favourite cards, and some of the art we really enjoyed from these sets. Then, each host will build a deck based around either the mechanics from the set, or a legendary, so long as it has the feel of the set we've covered that week, and have a chat about our decks.

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