Snow-Covered Lands – Episode 6 Planar Chaos


Hello Internet, and welcome to Episode 6 of the Snow-Covered Lands Podcast!

This week Eric and Nick go back to a block for the first time to cover a really great, and much loved, set in Planar Chaos! Legendary dragons are abound, colours get thrown on their heads, and we get some really important staples for Commander. White counterspells? We go that. Green card draw? Got that too. Want to take an extra turn in Black? Go ahead in Planar Chaos! This was a really fun episode to record as Eric has a massive fondness for this set, and there are a lot of great cards to cover.

Also, stick around for a very Marvel-ish post credits bonus bit we recorded just in time for Easter.

You can find Eric’s Planar Chaos themed deck here, and Nick’s can be found here.

If you need to get a hold of the guys you can do so by emailing, @SCLpodcast on Twitter, or on our Facebook page,

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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, brave the snow friends!



Our goal here at the Snow-Covered Lands podcast is to take a look back, a retrospective, at older Magic the Gathering sets through a commander lense. We'll talk mechanics, legendaries, some of our favourite cards, and some of the art we really enjoyed from these sets. Then, each host will build a deck based around either the mechanics from the set, or a legendary, so long as it has the feel of the set we've covered that week, and have a chat about our decks.

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