So Many Insane Plays Podcast – Episode 59 – 2016 Eternal Weekend Wrap-up


Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian wrap-up Eternal Weekend 2016, including both Top 8s, the metagame, our Paradoxical Mentor deck and the future of the format.

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0:01: Announcements
0:11: Eternal Weekend Paris Top 8
0:15: Eternal Weekend Columbus: Attendance
0:20: Eternal Weekend Columbus: The Event Structure
0:27: Eternal Weekend Columbus: The Overall Metagame
0:43: Eternal Weekend Columbus: Archetype Conversion to the Top 8
0:51: Eternal Weekend Columbus: Top 8
1:35: The future of the format
1:43: Our Paradoxical Mentor deck

Kevin ‘s Paradoxical Mentor deck

Steve’s Paradoxical Mentor deck
Eternal Weekend Metagame Analysis
Eternal Weekend Paris Top 8

So Many Insane Plays

So Many Insane Plays

So Many Insane Plays is the longest-running Vintage strategy podcast; covering decks, tournament results, metagame trends, community issues and more. Hosts Steve Menendian and Kevin Cron are Vintage veterans with decades of experience playing, analyzing and writing about Vintage. Come join the fun of Magic's eldest and most exciting format!

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