So Many Insane Plays Podcast – Episode 63 – Where Do We Go From Here?


Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian look at the Banned and Restricted list update, the Q1 Metagame and what they mean for the future of the format.

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0:00:00: Announcements
0:00:00: March 2017 Banned and Restricted List Update
0:54:40: Gitaxian Probe
1:07:00: Mental Misstep
1:25:15: Paradoxical Outcome and Gush
1:37:00: Preordain
1:52:00: Metagame Updates

–  March 13, 2017 Banned and Restricted Announcement
Eternal Weekend Paris 3/31-4/2

So Many Insane Plays

So Many Insane Plays

So Many Insane Plays is the longest-running Vintage strategy podcast; covering decks, tournament results, metagame trends, community issues and more. Hosts Steve Menendian and Kevin Cron are Vintage veterans with decades of experience playing, analyzing and writing about Vintage. Come join the fun of Magic's eldest and most exciting format!

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