The Mana Pool #198 – Innistrad Previews with Panahinuva


Yes, you read that correctly.  We are joined on this episode by Panahinuva, otherwise known as Ben.  He’s one of those omnipresent listener-types, and we love him for it.  Apparently, since here he is on the show again.

But we begin with some news.  Well, it was news when we recorded, I’m sure no one really cares much anymore.  But that’s okay, we still have to give you our take on it.  They made a slight change to drafting procedures vis a vis the double-faced cards.  The Banned & Restricted list has been updated, with Modern and Extended taking some pretty major changes in direction.  And there were a few key changes to the Commander Banned list too.  So we covered all of that of course.

Then there’s Innistrad.  At this point, the entire spoiler had been revealed, so we just went through each color, pointing at various cards and going “Ooooo” at them until we were done.  I love this set.

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Double-Faced Draft Changes (at the bottom):

B&R List update:

Commander update:

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