BiHards EP1 – Devastating Prerelease


After 59 consecutive episodes of TriHards, busy schedules were simply too much to overcome this week.  After some brainstorming, which incidentally took much more than an instant, we hit on the idea of BiHards.  If you’re familiar with the comic book genre, BiHards will be our non-continuity, non-cannon off-shoot of TriHards.  Think the old What If series….

We’re stripping away the usual touchstones of TriHards to give this series a much more “let your hair down & relax” feel.

So with Brian away, Matt & I have a very relaxed conversation about Hour of Devastation Prereleases, impressive cards, financial values & other odds & ends from the Magic world.

TriHards resumes with EP60 next week!

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Full time adults. Part time Magic players. What happens when the script flips from "I've got the time, but not the money" to "the money's no problem if I can find the time?" 3 friends tackle MtG on TriHards!

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