TriHards EP45 – Growing Concerns


The TriHards have saddled up for another episode!  What are the pitfalls of Limited on-camera coverage?  WotC is pulling back the Amonket curtain – what are the ‘Hards first impressions?  Will you be part of the future in which Sean predicts a change in tourney demographics – in 25 years.  No need to wait to find out which Matt is best Matt…though you may wish you’d never known!  Got a problem?  Just grab a beverage & walk(er) it off with the TriHards!

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Full time adults. Part time Magic players. What happens when the script flips from "I've got the time, but not the money" to "the money's no problem if I can find the time?" 3 friends tackle MtG on TriHards!

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