TriHards EP48 – Free Wheeling Into Prerelease


With our Prerelease trials ahead, what are the TriHards doing to prepare?  Do’s & Don’ts for pre-order season & what to do when you’re confronted with genuine MtG first!  Our first Patreon polls have yielded interesting results!  All this has the ‘Hards in a free-wheeling mood, so plan your beverage accordingly!

Engage with the TriHards! & @thetrihards3 &

Sean Secrease – & @the1seans

Matt Hurley - matthew.l.hurley@gmail & @hurlman81

Brian Tibbets – & @briantibbets



Full time adults. Part time Magic players. What happens when the script flips from "I've got the time, but not the money" to "the money's no problem if I can find the time?" 3 friends tackle MtG on TriHards!

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