TriHards EP51 – Projecting


Are you encouraged that WotC is polling for behaviors?  Is there a hidden message in SCG’s Season 2 schedule?  Who will the ‘Hards select in their Pro Tour Pick’em for PT:Amonkhet?  If you could have a single Invocation in Limited play which would you chose?  Crack open a beverage & join the TriHards as they divine the answers!

Engage with the TriHards! @thetrihards3 

Brian Tibbets – @briantibbets 

Matt Hurley – @hurlman81 

Sean Secrease – & @the1seans



Full time adults. Part time Magic players. What happens when the script flips from "I've got the time, but not the money" to "the money's no problem if I can find the time?" 3 friends tackle MtG on TriHards!

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