Forcespikes #16b – Notorious T.S.G.! (Bonus Track!)


As a follow up to our famous episode 16, we go in depth and behind the scenes with TSG. Big Head Joe does his laundry, J-bro gets a little punch drunk, the Infamous Russ takes it all in, and Greg-O breaks it down to buckbuck town (translation: going over the EV of Starcity events that may be far).  Spoiler Alert, Big Head Joe is 29!  Happy Birthday BHJ!!!

A big thanks to and for hosting us, without them we wouldn’t be here so check them out and give them some love.

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  • Jason

    I really like this podcast and I think you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up! However, I have one small complaint. For the last several podcasts, someone is typing while the other guests are talking (I think it might be Johnathan) and it is incredibly distracting. Can you guys mute your mics or something?

    • Jonathan (J-Bro)

      Jason, thanks for listening and thanks for the feedback. I make it a regular habit to mute when I’m not speaking (not doing this makes editing a lot harder), and we try to make sure everyone on the show does this as well, and if they don’t I try and edit it out as best as I can. Sometimes it slips through, and we’ll try to improve that. Thanks again for the feedback and let us know if there’s anything content-wise else you’d like to hear on the show or any subjects you’d like us to go over as well.

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